International Female Ride Day, City Hall, Toronto, Canada

Lady For A Day

Once-a-year, I get the opportunity to get my girl on.


I’d met Ms. Motoress, Vicki Gray at my first Mad Bastard Scooter Rally way back in 2009. Right away,we got along like best high-school girlfriends!

I can be just as comfortable riding bitch ;)
I can be just as comfortable riding bitch 😉

After shooting her and a few test bikes for her website,, she invited me to photograph her crowning achievement: International Female Ride Day, where motogrrrls from all around the globe celebrate their LifeOn2 in a synchronized ride of female unity.

Motoress BMW
Riding with Ms. Motoress herself, 2014.

Since 2010, I’ve been documenting IFRD in one way-or-another, whether riding with the pack, or sniping them on-route.

Looking Back On The Pack, 2014
Looking Back On The Pack, 2014
Female Harley rider, 2012
No Caption Needed. 2012


Post IFRD ride bonding, High, Park, Toronto, 2012
Post IFRD ride bonding, High, Park, Toronto, 2012

While the ride is a celebration of female motorcycling, I’ve always been welcomed with open arms, often in an inclusive group hug. I can’t complain… 🙂

The occasional yoink is an occupational hazard.

Did i mention that I love my job?


2016 Meant the 10th Anniversary of International Female Ride Day. Ladies from around the world came out in force, and it was no different in Toronto. I decided to shoot from the sidelines, at the most dramatic parts of the route, and brought on my fellow photo-geek pal Georgette to shoot while rollin’ in the lovely Adrienne’s sidecar.

Georgie N Adrenne!
My second shooter rode in style!

My pal Wobblycat was also along to shoot the latter half of the route.

Amazing bike photographer Wobbly Cat
I love Wobblycat!

Here are a few shots from this year’s IRFD. Stay tuned for a full flickr gallery coming soon!

Start Of The Ride
Start Of The Ride
A Row Of Mad Bastards
New Friends and Old
New Friends and Old
The Ladies Downhill, Pottery Road, Toronto
The Ladies Downhill, Pottery Road, Toronto

Pottery Road

Pottery Road

Adrienne, Shelli, Georgie
My Photo Crew
Ride Leaders!
Stylin’ and Motobloggin’!
Shooting the shooter!
Shooting the shooter!
This year's crew on Hug-A-Kawasaki day :)
This year’s crew on Hug-A-Kawasaki day 🙂

And last-but-not-least, here’s some video of the fun:

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