Italians On Geary

Merry New Year!

Biker New Year, that is…

Another season, another bunch of opportunities to enjoy LifeOn2! (At this moment’ I’m writing this on a sidewalk patio on St. Clair West, enjoying a glorious late-May day)

After a mild winter, I had my hopes up for an early spring. March was getting even warmer, so I decided to wake the scoot, which promptly started on the first crank.

A short ride to Crappy Tire for bikestuffs was then in order for me and my scooterpal Shelli. After ironing up a few bugs on the scoot, it looked like the start of a long season!

Mondo Shelli Crappy
Crappy Tire Run!

Then, April came. And didn’t go quickly enough.

Snowbound TMAX 500

Had a quick fix one miserably rainy day, thanks to The Motosocial and BMW Motorrad’s indoor shindig/gallery show, where I could straddle some beauties without freezing my bits off.

Straddling The R-Ninety
The MotoBoner™ Toronto!


May The 4th Be With Us!

May the 4th was definitely with us, as Toronto’s riding season was unofficially kicked off by the inaugural MotoSocial for 2016. Motosocial Toronto happens on the first Wednesday of the month, and rotates between indie coffee shops to provide a fresh perspective for each iteration(and not regularly annoying the neighbours with all the vroom vroom).

Beasties Of All Shapes
Beasties Of All Shapes
A Row Of Italians
A Row Of Italians
Dark Horse Coffee
Dark Horses could not drag me away. Their pizza ovens did, however.

Hundreds of bikes took over a long stretch of industrial Geary Avenue. In addition to having Dark Horse Coffee and Grown Design as hosts, organizer Viktor Radics went big, treating us to food trucks and even a live band, Le Trouble, hailing all the way from Montreal.

Our usual suspects were there, including Treadwell and the brand-new spanking bike mag, Fast Times. You still could smell the ink!
Our usual suspects were there, including Treadwell and local, brand-spanking-new bike mag, Fast Times. You could still smell the ink!
Of course, Popo was there to watch over us midlife crisis hooligans...
Of course, Popo was there to watch over us midlife crisis hooligans…
Nova Era Bikers
Local Portuguese Bakery Nova Era stayed open late as I kept sending bikers over to try the Tosta Mista.
This kinda Trouble is lots of fun!
This kinda Trouble is lots of fun!

Par for the course, bikers of different breeds parked their steeds, mingling the tribes like never before. Harleys, beside sportbikes, beside ADVheads, vintegers, sidecareenists and scootergirls.

Old BMW Boxer
Veteran Of The Boxer Matches.
Slow And Low, That Is The Tempo
Slow And Low, That Is The Tempo
Ural sidecar rig
Sidecareenist among the two-wheelers.
The Coach™ Vespa.
Riding Coach™ is much more swank on a Vespa.

Between the Motosocial, International Female Ride Day, and Port Dover Friday The 13th, May shaped up to be a great month to be On2. Can’t wait to see what June brings!

Wouldn't be a MotoSocial without El Guapo...
Wouldn’t be a MotoSocial without El Guapo…

Have an amazing and safe season, folks!!!

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