The Bug On Two: I Probably Think This Song Is About Me. And My Motorcycle, Of Course…

A few months ago, my buddy Duncan posted a poem on Facebook and tagged me. To my surprise, it was about me and my former life in Aurora, and my rides to and from.


Our man of the world is our Mondo
he used to wind up Aurora wilds
over hills he’d go
on the rural routes of Aurora roads
hawks soar slow caws go crow
over the ridge he’d winge in wind
he wound the sound of life on two
wheels and life spins round the movement


Reconnecting into flows that flow in
traffic on Aurora road all you need’s
a wheel and off to life you go

And just like any of us he could
be hit by a truck as into life he steers
past cows who cud the bray
and while their summers away


The bug on two rolls on and life
winds wounds that wind atop
and under rolls of goings-on
and apple groves and emptied chapels
on the roads that flow and finally roll
along Aurora Road.

~ Duncan MacDonnell, AKA Doc Pickles, 2015


It’s since turned into a song. As if I wasn’t vain enough…


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